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Privacy Policy

The Charles Decker Foundation is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information collected from its visitors and to ensuring such information is used only for appropriate purposes. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

Any information you submit to our site, during the registration process or via e-mail, will not be transmitted to any third party without eliciting your permission first. Your personal details will be used only to serve you the best way we can. From time to time we may want to notify you of services and facilities we keep adding to our list of services.

We assure you that we go to great lengths to keep your personal information safe and secure.

About Credit Card Security

Your credit card number is sent in encrypted form to our credit card processor.

This means humans can not read it. It also means that if someone is intercepting your internet traffic the card number is scrambled. No one can read it except our credit card processing company.

We use secure servers (SSL) and extra strong encryption. On our site when you see the URL change from "http://" to "https:// " all data transmission is encrypted so that other people snooping around the net can not read the data.

We also employ a special security service which attempts to hack into our web site. They do this several times each day. If they find a new weakness they warn us and we are required to improve our security within 48 hours.

Thus using your credit card on our site is very safe. In fact it is more safe than using your credit card at a restaurant or store where someone can easily write down all the information from your card.

We have been accepting credit cards over the internet for more than 10 years. The only time a customer thought there was a problem was when someone else in their family made the purchase without telling them.

As a final comfort, most credit card companies will drop a credit card charge if you tell them you never made the charge. They have to do this to stay in business.