Helping Children in Need in the Dominican Republic

What You Can Do

Financial support is the life blood of our work.

To make a donation you can make out a check to:

222 W. 14 St, Suite 12 E,
New York City, NY 10011.

DONATIONS can also be made with Mastercard. Go to the DONATE now button.

Start an Endowment

We are starting an endowment program to allow us to plan beyond the unpredictable flow of day to day contribution.  If you are interested in setting up an endowment with the CHARLES DECKER FOUNDATION, we have attorneys who specialize in that area who we can introduce.


The foundation is committed to 100% transparency for our donors and requires complete transparency from those we support.

We do not run or formulate programs. We do offer advice but have no operational involvement with the orphanges.

Grass Roots

Hosting  a  fundraising event to benefit the Decker Foundation or one of the orphanages or programs (e.g. scholarships, funds for the school expansion at Niños de Cristo, school at Las Matas de Farfan, Jackies House, etc.) is a great way for our supporters to take their involvement to the next level. From planning a small dinner party,  to hosting an auction or organizing a golf tournament.